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Empower you with info!

There are a few things that can help make your Empowerment session even better... I mean they are already a pretty amazing experience but they can be elevated with some extra steps, only if you want to though!
There is no right or wrong way to experience your moments and your awakening. 

Before the day:
Purchase any last minute pieces you wish to wear (I do also have a client wardrobe available with some robes etc) 
Try on any clothing/pieces that your plan to bring and ensure you feel comfortable in them. 
Hydrate! Hydrate some more.
Don't get a last minute spray tan, especially if you haven't had one before. 
If its important to you, touch up hair colour and nails but also remember this is about you feeling amazing as you are. 
Send through any images or info that has inspired you or that you would like to try during your session. You don't need to, you can trust me but I do know many people check these things out. 

Day of session: 
Relax. Start your day as calm as you can. I know, this isnt always possible but try and take 5mins for yourself to focus on what an amazing thing you will be doing later. 
Pack what you need for your session. Include a towel. Avoid bringing too many options as this can add to your stress. Also remember you generally will be getting changed outside as well. 
Avoid wearing any tight/firm fitting clothing on your drive to the location, this includes underwear and watches. These can leave imprints on the skin so loose undies and braless if you can (don't do this if its going to cause you any anxiety though) 
Trust the process. You will be safe, looked after and also receive a little goodie bag gift when we meet. 

After the session:
When you receive your photos you may be incredibly overwhelmed. You may judge yourself, have a wave of different emotions and be anxious. 
Seriously, close it. Walk away. Remind yourself that you are a bloody amazing strong person for having this experience and putting yourself out there. 
Come back in a few days and before you open your photos again... remind yourself of these things again!
We are always our own worse critics.
Trust me, you look fucking amazing!
You are strong!
You have experienced many things in your life and in this skin you have!
Appreciate all of this. 
If you need to, close it again. Come back in a few more days.
Message me for a pep talk. Share with your best friend/best cheerleader! 

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