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Mt Mee 
Moreton Bay Hinterland

QLD Australia

Tel   0430 229 261

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you based?
A. Home and work is based from a little mountain town just north of Brisbane called Mount Mee. A beautiful rural area with many amazing wedding venues. I do however travel anywhere through QLD or wherever you would like me to go! I include some travel in most of my wedding packages so anything else I just ask for my costs to be covered (and I keep these as low as possible)

Q. Is photography your full time job?
A. YES it is! I had previously worked in the banking and finance/accounting world for many years. In July 2018 I took the plunge and gave up my day job as working full time, traveling 3hrs a day and running a business full time meant I was also running myself into the ground. Working for myself only now means I can focus on my amazing clients more and also look after myself... win win!

Q. Do you deliver every photo you take?
A. Yeah... no. Have you seen that meme of Beyonce where its a great photo next to a shocking photo... Thats why I don't deliver you all the photos. Don't worry though, you get the very best plus any that I find amusing and I know you will appreciate. I also take out any duplicates, missed shots and test shots. 

Q. Can we get an album or prints from you?
A. Yes you can! I have an amazing local album company that I use and also an exceptional printer in Brisbane. I prefer to use local suppliers whenever I can and its just extra lucky that both are great businesses!
If you are interested I can send you through a price list for printing. 

Q. I really hate having my photo taken and we are totally awkward... can you help?
A. Hells yes I can. I am awkward AF as well so trust me I get it. I have been told that it's like having a friend taking the photos. Honestly, just have a read through my reviews on facebook (I laugh so much reading some of them) to get an idea on what I am like to work with. 
I just want you to feel relaxed and comfortable as possible because thats when you will look your best! 

Q. We would really like our photos edited a certain way, can you change your style or provide the RAWs?
A. Simple answer, no. 
Longer answer... I want you to be booking me because you love my style, you love what you see when you see my images. My style tends to be more on the classic light side but I do mix it up occasionally depending on the image and if I do that I will include a couple versions of that shot, but this is at my discretion. 
I will also never provide you with RAWs or unedited images. Again, my editing is part of why I hope you have chosen me. RAW files are actually very large, flat images that do require special programs to even be able to view them, let alone do anything with them. 
Basically, I am an artist and I truely hope that you choose me because of my art. 

Q. How long does it take to get our images?
A. So this will depend on what kind of shoot you have me booked for. 
Family sessions are presently at about 2 weeks.
Weddings depend a lot on the time of the year but in contract they are 6-8 weeks but I do everything I possibly can to get these to you sooner!
I will always try and get your images out to your sooner rather than later. 

Q. Can we get our complimentary engagement session on a Saturday?
A. Generally, no as weddings are generally on Saturdays. I will have some Sundays available and lots of weekdays! 
In summer these happen late afternoons (unless you are an early bird and can do a sunrise) and when the days are shorter we can look at sunrise and sunset sessions! 

Q. What should we wear for our session?
A. I get asked this a lot. My first response is always, aim for co-ordinated but not matchy matchy. If you really really REALLY love the white shirt and blue jeans look, I wont turn you away and tell you to go change, but honestly, its not the best option. You want to look like you, or a nicer dressed version of you. Make sure you are comfortable as well! 
Avoid large logos and clashing colours (unless clashing colours are your thing) 

Q. Can you help us with recommendations to other wedding vendors?
A. Hell to the Yes I can! Earlier I mentioned that I prefer to support local vendors and here in the Moreton Bay Hinterland we have some amazing vendors! I have a list of vendors I can send you through and at some point I will update here with them all as well. You can also check out the Moreton Bay Hinterland Weddings website as well!

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