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What should we wear?

I get asked this a lot.
My first response is always, aim for co-ordinated but not matchy matchy. Some choose to go with natural colours and textures, some blue and green tones (I ignore that blue and green should never be seen rule), some people love colour and will have a few people in more subdued colours and then add in pops of colour that coordinate. 

You want to look like you, or a nicer dressed version of you.

Make sure you are comfortable! If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing... it will show in your face. This includes clothes fitting properly. There is nothing worse than feeling like your clothes are falling in the wrong places or cutting into you. 

Avoid large logos, mismatched patterns and clashing colours (unless clashing colours are your thing and in that case embrace it) 

If you really really REALLY love the white shirt and blue jeans look, I wont turn you away and tell you to go change, but honestly, its not the best option.
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