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  Classes starting from mid February in multiple locations around

Brisbane/Mt Mee/Sunshine Coast

Whether you have owned your camera for more years than you care to admit, or you just bought it yesterday... its of no use if its not being used.

You don't have to be a photographer to get the most out of your camera and these lessons aren't a replacement for a professional but a way for you to use what you have in those moments you want to remember.

This small group or single person class is a couple hours long where we do some (honestly not a scary amount) and more practical learning with camera in hand. 

You receive a print out to explain and outline the class plus cheat sheets and a 30 prompt practice list. Lets get it straight now that its not a 30 day must do prompts list because I know that these can add anxiety and stress when a day is missed which becomes 2... you get the idea. This is just 30 prompts for you to do in your time and can be shared on your socials or in our dedicated class group on Facebook. Or you don't have to do them at all depending on how you feel. 

This hands on basics class has been designed around how I learn but with the ability for you to add more technical reading to it if thats how you learn best as well. 

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