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Boudoir & Empowerment

All too often we put ourselves last. But what if we decided to put ourselves first?
Its a busy crazy world and we can all to easily forget ourselves and who we were or who we wanted to be. 

So when I say my boudoir & empowerment sessions are so much more than just getting your clothes off, I mean it. 
They are an experience, a journey and a rediscovery of yourself and how truely amazing you are inside and out. 

Sessions are customised to suit your wants and needs. 
Time to explore, to meditate, create and to discover. 

They can be thought provoking and calm or they can be filled with craziness and joy. 
These are for you. 

For more information or to discuss creating a one of a kind sessions just for you,

simply send through a message on my contact form.


Louise - "I’ve had the pleasure of shooting with Liz three times. We met through a Positively Glittered Mt Mee photo shoot – my first nude forest adventure and an experience that ignited a passion for me. Liz was so much fun to work with and provided clear directions to capture some amazing shots. Most recently in January I was also lucky enough to take part in a small forest boudoir shoot with two other women. Liz made the day such a great experience and she has a clear eye for detail, light, and good composition. The images I’ve collected from my time with Liz are magical treasures to me which are beautiful in their own right but also lovely mementos of the days the were taken. Thank you Liz for making me into art!"

Tash - "Liz is not only an amazing photographer, she is an amazing person. I’m super awkward in front of a camera (and life in general) but she guided me and her gentleness made me feel and look beautiful in all her images. I met Liz doing a positively glittered shoot at Mt Mee and it was a cherished experience. Highly recommend Liz. Her work speaks for itself. Artistic, beautiful and creative"

Jade - "I have had the honour of shooting with Liz a couple of times and she is not only an incredibly talented photographer, but a beautiful person with a big heart. I have been apart of The Positively Glitter Movement, as well as Nude Art, and each time I have come away from those shoots with Liz, I have felt like a goddess, real and beautiful. Liz’s warm nature, along with her eye for detail and professionalism and creating such a safe environment I cannot speak highly enough. Her work is absolute magic. Thankyou Liz for sharing your gift with the world, and allowing me to grow as a person."

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