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So it begins...

It’s taken me so damn long to find out that I can create blog posts on my phone! What! Yeah ok I am a bit slow but at least now I can blog from my bed or in the car or even at the dog park instead of trying to think about doing it while I am editing. Let’s start a new journey to this website blogging with a new life. Well the very start of a new life. I met Madee a few years ago through my work and just social visiting to her work where she is a chef, fast forward a few years and I was blessed to shoot her wedding to Joey last year and last week the reveal of her pregnancy. Never did I expect my work to help create such beautiful friendships. I like to feel that having me around taking your photos is just like hanging out with an awkward friend who makes stupid jokes and looks off wistfully (vacantly) occasionally when putting plans together in her head. When I shoot your wedding, your family photos, your boudoir, anything I want you to be comfortable, to be relaxed, to feel at ease and I hope that is how my clients feel when they are with me.  

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