• Liz Wilson-Barnett

Trust me...

It would be impossible for me to say how many times a day I think of ideas for photos.

If you have had me take your photo you may have noticed that I occasionally look like I have zoned out or looking somewhere else, well that's when I am putting the pieces all together to get the shots that you will love.

Before every session, wedding and any photo shoot I have a little bit of a plan. I know who you are in most cases or I have found out a bit about you if I haven't met you prior, I keep a constant eye on the weather and if its a new or an old location I have an idea of where we will get the best shots.

When we start not only am I thinking about the pre planned ideas but also trying to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed which will make your photos and your time even better. Now while this is all happening I am reassessing what we are going to do, I am seeing how you react to photos, I am assessing the light and making sure we have the best backdrop to highlight you.

Sometimes you wont see what I can (actually most of the time you wont see the shot that I see) Sometimes you may think I have lost my mind but what I ask is for you to trust me.

Please trust me.

That's all that I ask.

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